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What Is Palladium, Its Uses, How to Invest in the Metal

Palladium is a silvery-white precious metal discovered in Brazil in the 1700s, where it was dubbed “worthless gold”. It was not until 1803 that the metal was finally extracted by English chemist and physicist William Wolaston. The US-China trade deal, which was signed earlier this month, has also boosted prices. Traders expect the agreement to help ease downward pressure on global economic growth and slow the decline in Chinese car sales.

  • Its many uses mean that there is a high demand for Platinum across various industries, making it a desirable Precious Metal to invest in.
  • Palladium coins can be found in sizes of 1/10 oz, ¼ oz, ½ oz and even a 2 oz Palladium coin.
  • Likewise, it would take a reduction in palladium demand and a change in palladium supply, or both.
  • Palladium is also a more recently discovered Precious Metal when compared to Gold, Silver and Platinum, having been found in 1803, adding to its rarity.
  • While past performance is never a guarantee for future results, it does highlight the metal’s potential for growth.

It’s highly valued in the automotive industry due to its exceptional ability to convert harmful pollutants into less harmful substances. The majority of palladium supply is used for catalytic converters – devices embedded in the exhaust system of fossil fuel-powered cars to neutralise harmful emissions. The rapidly growing popularity of EVs is expected to hurt palladium demand as they do not require catalysts. Aside from this goal, companies have shifted toward palladium catalytic converters because of their unique ability to separate and convert nitrogen oxide molecules into harmless gases.

Palladium Can Provide Portfolio Diversification

Knowing Palladium, Platinum, Gold and Silvers’ spot prices is crucial to investing at the best possible time so that you can get the best return on investment. There is an increased demand for these metals because of their use in industrial applications. The Palladium price per ounce  has steadily grown throughout the years, even during times of recession or political turmoil. Palladium is often seen as an investment option that balances both industrial and investment purposes. To learn more about investing in palladium, request your precious metals investor kit from Goldco, our trusted partner below.

  • Additionally, the company also resorted to cost-cutting measures to improve its financial position.
  • This was primarily the reason for palladium’s less-than-stellar performance in 2022.
  • Between the high-yielding dividends from Telus stock and the growth potential of goeasy stock, these two companies can be excellent investments to consider for your portfolio.
  • Given the rising demand and supply constraints, this trend is projected to continue.
  • TradingEconomics, meanwhile, as of 15 December, expected palladium to trade at $2,032.00/oz by the end of this quarter.
  • Any downward movement in the Dollar has potential to act as a disincentive top suppliers.

In August 1977, one troy ounce of palladium was worth $41.70; in December 1998, it reached $332.15. The Aberdeen Standard Physical Palladium Shares ETF is a physically-backed exchange-traded fund (ETF). The ETF holds allocated bars of palladium, which are stored in secure vaults located in London, UK and Zurich, Switzerland. The metal is inspected twice a year by a leading physical commodity auditor, Inspectorate International, ensuring transparency and trust in the investment. PALL seeks to reflect the performance of the price of physical palladium, less the Trust’s expenses, making it an attractive option for those looking to invest in palladium. Palladium has been a strong performer among precious metals in recent years.

Palladium, on the other hand, has experienced significant growth in recent years due to its increasing demand in the automobile industry. The metal is a crucial component in catalytic converters, which are essential for reducing vehicle emissions. As environmental regulations tighten globally, palladium’s demand may rise further, potentially driving its price higher. However, palladium is used almost exclusively in auto, and its fortunes are tied closely to its performance and use in that market. Platinum is a close substitute for palladium as well, making the price of platinum a consideration.

Palladium Offers Inflation Protection

Palladium is a lesser-known option for precious metals investors compared to gold and silver. Recently, however, growing demand and a supply deficit have driven interest in ways to invest in palladium. Investing in palladium vs gold offers distinct advantages and considerations.

Can I invest in palladium?

However, Palladium prices have shown significant growth in recent years. This growth represents a significant opportunity for investors and has made Palladium one of the best-performing assets of the past decade. Financial advisors typically recommend allocating 5% to 20% of your investment portfolio to precious metals. The exact number varies based on your personal goals and existing investments, so it’s wise to speak to a financial advisor. The demand for palladium is stronger than the gold and silver markets because of the limited supply and growing need for environmental solutions. As global warming becomes a pressing threat, hybrid vehicles are a major goal for many car manufacturers.

Palladium can play an important role in diversifying your investment portfolio. By investing in palladium, you can reduce your exposure to other markets and protect yourself against economic downturns. Additionally, palladium’s low correlation to other assets makes it a good choice for hedging against inflation.

Palladium’s Very Strong Industrial Base

Asian car manufacturers have embraced this opportunity to reduce carbon emissions, increasing the demand for the limited palladium supply. In 2023, palladium prices are anticipated to rise as a result of tighter fundamentals and a more favorable macro environment for commodities. On the supply side, equipment availability, power constraints, and smelter maintenance could hinder production.

What is the Current Price of Palladium?

Precious metal bullion doesn’t have to weigh a lot and it doesn’t have to be a hassle to move around. There are quite a number of attractive palladium bullion coins out there. You can’t just go to a store and buy stuff with your palladium bullion coin or square.

Quick Guides to Investing

Regulations around the globe have made diesel engines unpopular, so to speak. If you own a diesel engine vehicle yourself, you’ve probably encountered this phenomenon, ranging anywhere from higher costs to others telling you you’re a bad person. Conservative investors can consider Fortis stock if they find the expected total returns of about 8% acceptable. After delivering market-beating returns, the company continues to perform well. Goeasy is adjusting its affordability calculations, underwriting requirements, and credit thresholds across its different products to minimize the risk to itself. As of this writing, goeasy stock trades for $139.57 per share, just below its 52-week high mark of $140.10 per share.

That’s why, despite the fairly dismal and protracted fall that platinum has had, long-term platinum investors aren’t panicking. It can only fall to a certain point, and its previous price point is likely to be restored later. As we said, gold and other precious metals only carry so much risk compared to other investments. The investing world is as vast as it is intricate, with each asset class presenting its unique blend of opportunities and challenges. Palladium, a lesser-known yet increasingly significant player in the most valuable precious metals arena, is no exception.

At about $2,500 (£1,922) an ounce of palladium is more expensive than gold, and the pressures forcing its price up are unlikely to ease anytime soon. You also agree to receive e-mail marketing from Oxford Gold, our affiliated companies, and third-party advertisers. To opt-out at any time click here or reply STOP to opt-out of text messages. It was an accidental discovery when he dissolved platinum in a nitric acid and hydrochloric acid mixture. He did not announce his fortunate discovery to the world but rather sold it privately, marketing it as the next silver. Palladium is a shiny, silvery metal used in many types of manufacturing processes, particularly for electronics and industrial products.